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Program and Instruction

The International Dual Language School is a PreK-8 dual language immersion program that utilizes a 50-50 model of instruction where native English-speakers and native Spanish speakers are taught in the same classroom, with the goal of ensuring both sets of students become bilingual and biliterate by splitting instruction between both languages.   

The curriculum at the International School is driven by the Common Core Standards in English and Spanish and follows the same scope and sequence as all other schools in the Waterbury Public Schools, but in two languages rather than one.

Each student has a team of two teachers: one English teacher and one Spanish teacher. They begin their day in one language and then switch classrooms at midday to learn for the remaining day in the other language.

Our developing bilinguals receive daily, effective literacy and content instruction in both languages that begins in pre-kindergarten through a standard based, balanced biliteracy instructional model. This model includes rigorous whole group/small group and intervention instruction that builds on oracy development and a deep understanding of the similarities and differences between the two languages. Strategies such as Total Physical Response and Bilingual Buddies will be regularly utilized to ensure maximum engagement.  

Math is taught in either English or Spanish for the duration of the year. Science and Social Studies are integrated with language arts to provide context and an authentic learning experience for all students. The language of instruction alternates.

Waterbury residents are eligible to enroll in the dual language school through a lottery process. 

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